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HOUSTON -  A stolen tractor, worth $60,000, was recovered Thursday by Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association (TSCRA) Special Ranger Jimmy Belt. The tractor was found early this morning on the golf course fairway of the Newport Golf Country Club in Harris County.

Belt received a call Thursday morning from a rancher in the area who noticed his tractor was missing from the night before. The tractor was equipped with a GPS tracking system. Within hours of being notified of the stolen tractor, Belt, along with the Harris County Auto Theft Department and the Department of Public Safety (DPS) Criminal Investigation Division, were able to recover the tractor and return it to the victim.

"We are seeing more and more thefts involving tractors in the Houston area," said Belt. "Farmers and ranchers need to remain cautious, and when possible use a GPS tracking system. These systems have proven to be very successful theft deterrents and have helped lead to quick recoveries of stolen property."

This investigation is ongoing. At this time no arrests have been made.

TSCRA has 29 special rangers stationed strategically throughout Texas and Oklahoma who have in-depth knowledge of the cattle industry and are trained in all facets of law enforcement. All are commissioned as Special Rangers by the Texas Department of Public Safety and/or the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association is a 133-year-old trade organization. As the largest and oldest livestock association in Texas, TSCRA represents more than 15,000 beef cattle producers, ranching families and businesses who manage approximately 4 million head of cattle on 51.5 million acres of range and pasture land, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma. TSCRA provides law enforcement and livestock inspection services, legislative and regulatory advocacy, industry news and information, insurance services and educational opportunities for its members and the industry.