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A New Web Site Gives You the Opportunity to See Which New SuperMask® II Mask
with Shimmer Weave™ Mesh Will Best Highlight the Beauty of Your Horse
Click here to view hi-res photo: The Shimmerlator

PHOENIX – June 15, 2010 When Farnam Horse Products introduced the new SuperMask® II Horse Fly Mask with Shimmer Weave™ Mesh Color Collection earlier this year, fashion forward horse owners were faced with a dilemma: Which of the four new color combinations will best bring out the natural beauty of their horse?

This question can now be answered with the new SuperMask® II Mask Shimmerlator; an interactive tool that allows you to see how different horse colors look in different Shimmer Weave™ mesh horse fly masks. Simply select your horse’s color and try on the four different mask color combinations to see which new mask will best enhance your horse’s natural coloring. The Shimmerlator is located on the new website: www.farnamhorse.com/supermask.

This new site also provides a link to “Learn More” about the mask by watching our video to see how fly control has gone high fashion, how to properly put our mask on your horse and use the double latch closure for the best possible fit. It also provides fast facts about the mask and pointers for a properly fitting fly mask.

Other links on the site include a “Fly Control Guide” that explains the importance of starting with a strategy for fighting flies and how Farnam’s complete line of fly control products, including the SuperMask® II Mask with Shimmer Weave™ mesh, can fit into your plan of attack. A “Retail Locator” allows you to find a retailer near you by entering your zip code or choose an online retailer to order the SuperMask® II horse fly mask of your choice for delivery right to your door. Be sure to click the “Save Now!” button at the bottom of the site for an instant coupon redeemable at participating retailers.

After choosing your horse’s new sophisticated fly control fashion statement return to the website in July for an exciting new SuperMask Contest.

The new SuperMask® II Mask with Shimmer Weave™ Mesh Color Collection is available in four fashionable color configurations: Copper mesh with Cheetah trim, Silver mesh with Lynx trim, Copper mesh with Black trim and Silver mesh with Black trim. Choose the trim and weave color combination that enhances your horse’s natural coloring. It is available in Horse, XL and Arabian sizes without ears and in Horse and XL sizes with ears.

SuperMask® products provide proven performance – Built to Fit, Built to Last, Built to Stay On!™ – even when horses are turned out together.

The SuperMask® II Horse Fly Mask is an official fly control product of the American Quarter Horse Association and United States Equestrian Federation.

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