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A Revolutionary, No Mess Way to Aid in the Treatment of Thrush in Horses and Ponies

PHOENIX – February 28, 2012 – Are you tired of the messy, hard-to-use thrush treatments?  Product dripping down your horse’s hoof, leaving stains on your hands, clothes and barn floor?  Whether you use the ‘paintbrush’ method or pour it on straight from the bottle, treating a horse or pony for thrush can be messy business. 
      Farnam® Horse Products has the solution!  Horseshoer’s Secret® Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol (copper naphthenate) provides a unique, easy-to-use application that allows you to target the infected area. The quiet, no-pump aerosol technology delivers a continuous, consistent spray from any direction – even upside down!  No more messy drips, runs or spills from accidental runoff; the targeted spray goes only where you need it.
      “Horse owners who have had to treat hoof thrush in the past are familiar with the unfriendly application methods and the mess that most thrush treatment products leave behind,” said Alyssa Barngrover, brand manager for equine products.  The new Horseshoer’s Secret® Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol provides an effective solution to these old problems.
      This new aerosol utilizes copper naphthenate, the popular active ingredient that horse owners have relied on for years, to aid in the treatment of thrush in horses and ponies.  The FDA-approved, water-resistant formula provides protection without the need for bandaging.
      Horseshoer’s Secret® Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol has been named an Official Product of the American Farrier’s Association (AFA) along with the rest of the Horseshoer’s Secret® products.  Horseshoer’s Secret® hoof supplement and topical products have been Official Products of the AFA since 2004.
      For a $1.25 money-saving coupon on Horseshoer’s Secret® Thrush Treatment Aid Aerosol, visit the Farnam® Horse Products website at www.farnamhorse.com.

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