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Champions crowned at San Antonio Rodeo

By Susan Kanode
                For the San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo

SAN ANTONIO, Texas --- Three weeks ago, bull rider Cody Teel was excited that he was among the elite group of Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association members that qualified to compete at the San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo.

Saturday night he joined an even more elite group as a champion of the $1.2 million rodeo. The Kountze, Texas, resident competed in the first bracket here Feb. 9-11. He won the first round and placed second in the second round. He advanced to the second semifinals where he increased his earnings again. Teel entered the final round in eighth place, with $3,930 in total earnings. He was $1,719 behind the man in first place Bobby Welsh from Gillette, Wyo.
At this rodeo, standings are determined by money won and with $12,445 being paid to the first place winner in the finals, it was any contestant’s to win. That’s exactly what Teel did when he scored 90 points on D & H Cattle Company’s Priceless in the finals.

The reigning National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association champion is well on his way to a Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualification if he stays healthy and continues to ride like he did in the AT&T Center this week.

Teel competed in the semifinals on Thursday and Friday night, the Xtreme Bulls on Saturday afternoon and then the rodeo finals Saturday night. He rodeo four out of five bulls and earned a total $34,987 here, with over $30,000 of that coming on Saturday.

“It’s unreal,” Teel said. “It hasn’t really sunk in yet. I tried not to pay attention to much that was going on and just focus. And, I’m not thinking about the money, I’m thinking about the points because that’s my goal is to get to the NFR (Wrangler National Finals Rodeo).”
Teel was seventh in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association world standings prior to San Antonio with $13,660. Add his earnings from here and he should overtake the top spot.
Nick Sartain and Kollin VonAhn have had success in the team roping here before, finishing second in 2011. This year the Oklahoma duo not only won their event, they left here as the biggest money winners out of all of the rodeo. When their checks were added up, each man had earned $19,323. They were by far the most consistent competitors here.
With Sartain heading and VonAhn heeling, they earned checks in four out of five rounds. They won the final round and the big check with a 4.2-second run. Their horses also received animal athlete bonuses for the team roping.

Justin Maass won his second big rodeo of the year here with a 7.4-second run in the tie-down roping. He is just coming off of a win at the National Western Stock Show Rodeo in Denver, and rather than the semi-retirement he was considering, he is now looking at a year on the rodeo trail and hopefully a seventh NFR qualification. Maass earned $17,358 here. That more than doubled his season earnings.

The bareback riding round was split between three-time world champion Will Lowe from Canyon, Texas, and Steven Dent from Mullen, Neb., who each had an 88-point ride worth $10,889. Lowe rode Kesler Rodeo’s Mile Away while Dent got on Classic Pro Rodeo’s Good Time Charlie. The championship went to Dent as he was the high money earner with $17,030.

Wyoming’s Chet Johnson couldn’t stop smiling after his winning ride on Calgary Stampede’s Knight Rocket in spite of a hard landing that kept him on the arena floor a bit. When his 86-point score was announced and he knew he’d won the title, it got him moving. He was the second high money winner here at $19,077.

Angie Meadors, from Blanchard, Okla., watched her boyfriend Kollin VonAhn win the team roping before she competed in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association barrel race. The happy cowgirl had to refocus her energy into her own performance and that got her the barrel racing title. She stopped the clock in 13.87 seconds and earned a totatl of $18,340.   
“I just can’t believe it,” Meadors said. “I was so happy for Kollin and now I just can’t believe that I’ve won it too.”

The steer wrestling title went to California when Ethen Thouvenell stopped the clock in 4.4 seconds. The Napa resident took home a total of $17,112.
All of the winners here received a championship package that included buckles, spurs, and $5,000 gift cards. Animal athletes were recognized in each event as well.
“We’re proud of all of our animals,” said Keith Marrington, senior manager for the Calgary Stampede, who earned the bareback award for Princess Warrior and the saddle bronc for Knight Rocket. “We love San Antonio and have been coming here for a number of years. We recognize the athletic ability of our animals and it’s rewarding to have San Antonio do the same.”


2012 San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo Champions
Bareback Riding—Steven Dent, Mullen, Neb., $17,030
Steer Wrestling – Ethen Thouvenell, Napa, Calif., $17,112
Team Roping – Nick Sartain, Dover, Okla., header, $19,323
Team Roping – Kollin VonAhn, Durant, Okla., heeler, $19,323
Saddle Bronc Riding – Chet Johnson, Sheridan, Wyo., $19,077
Tie-Down Roping – Justin Maass, Giddings, Texas, $17,358
Women’s Barrel Race – Angie Meadors, Blanchard, Okla., $18,340
Bull Riding – Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas, $16,375

SAN ANTONIO, Texas --- The following are unofficial results from the San Antonio Stock Show Rodeo, Feb. 25, 2012.  Final performance winners followed by total money.


                Bareback Riding: 1. (tie) Steven Dent, Mullen, Neb., on Classic Pro Rodeo’s Good Time Charlie and Will Lowe, Canyon, Texas, on Kesler Rodeo’s Mile Away, 88 points and $10,889 each; 3. Wes Stevenson, Lubbock, Texas, 87, $6223; 4. Bobby Mote, Culver, Ore., $3,111. (total money) 1. Dent, $17,030; 2. Lowe, $15,311; 3. Stevenson, $10,398; 4. Mote, $7,071.

                Steer Wrestling: 1. Ethen Thouvenell, Napa, Calif., 4.4 seconds, $12,445; 2. (tie) Shane Henderson, Winfield, Kan., and Kyle Whitaker, Chambers, Neb., 4.2, $933.75; 3. Matt Reeves, Cross Plains, Texas, 4.7, $3,111. (total money) 1. Thouvenell, $17,112; 2. Henderson, $13,673; 3. Whitaker, $11,708; 4. Reeves, $8024.

                Team Roping: 1. Nick Sartain, Dover, Okla., and Kollin VonAhn, Durant, Okla., 4.2, $12,445; 2. Keven Daniel, Franklin, Tenn., and Chase Tryan, Helena, Mont., 4.3, $9334; 3. Nick Rawlings, Stephenville, Texas, and Randon Adams, Logandale, Nev., 5.1, $6223; 4. Colby Lovell, Madisonville, Texas, and Russell Cardoza, Terrebonne, Ore., 5.8, $3111. (total money) 1. Sartain and VonAhn, $19,323; 2. Daniel and Tryan, $14,738; 3. Rawlings and Adams, $9,661; 4. Lovell and Cardoza, $7,533. 

Saddle Bronc Riding: 1. Chet Johnson, Sheridan, Wyo., 86 points on Calgary Stampede’s Knight Rocket, $12,445; 2. Jeff Willert, Belvidere, S.D., 78, $9334; 3. (tie) Sterling Crawley, College Station, Texas, and J.J. Elshere, Hereford, S.D., 77, $4,667. (total money) 1. Johnson, $19,077; 2. Willert, $14,492; 3. Elshere, $9,088; 4. Crawley, $8351.

                Tie-Down Roping: 1. Justin Maass, Giddings, Texas, 7.4, $12,445; 2. Tuf Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 7.8, $9334; 3. (tie) Sterling Smith, Decatur, Texas, and Clint Cooper, Decatur, Texas, 8.2, $4,668. (total money) 1. Maass, $17,358; 2. Tuf Cooper, $14,983; 3. Smith, $9,334; 4. Clint Cooper, $8,106.  

                Women’s Barrel Race: 1. Angie Meadors, Blanchard, Okla., 13.87, $12,445; 2. Carlee Pierce, Woodward, Okla., 14.03, $9334; 3. Savanah Reeves, 14.11, $6,223; 4. Nikki Steffes, 14.43, $3,111. (total money) 1. Meadors, $18,340; 2. Pierce, $14,737; 3. Reeves, $12,608; 4. Steffes, $8,392.

                Bull Riding:  1. Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas, 90 points on D & H Cattle Company’s Priceless, $12,445; 2. Ardie Maier, Timber Lake, S.D., 89, $9,334; 3. Patrick Geipel, Elbert, Colo., 86, $6223; 4. J.W. Harris, Mullin, Texas, 85, $3,111.  (total money) 1. Teel, $16,375; 2. Maier, $14,737; 3. Geipel, $10,644; 4. Harris, $7,533.  

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