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GUTHRIE, Okla., Sunday, March 7, 2010 –  Adversity doesn't stop Josh Peek of Pueblo, Colo. It never has. A year ago, Peek was leading the Wrangler Timed Event Championship of the World at the Lazy E Arena with one run left. He took a 60-second time in the steer roping, the equivalent of a no-time at the WTEC, and dropped to a fourth place finish. On Sunday, he was again leading the average with one run remaining. This time, the 30-year-old tied his steer down in 18.4 seconds to clinch the title of 2010 Wrangler Timed Event Champion of the World with 315.2 on 25 runs. He is the 11th man to win the title in the 26 years of the WTEC.

In addition to winning $50,000 for the average, Peek, the two-time PRCA Reserve All-Wrangler Timed Event Championship-THE WORLD CHAMPION COLORADO’S JOSH PEEK Around World Champion, placed twice in the fast rounds and exited the Lazy E Arena this weekend with $58,000. "I was more prepared this year," he said. "Before I got here, I believed I was going to win." Again, he's faced adversity before. When Peek was 9 years old an old nail pierced the skin of his right foot. In a lot of cases, the story might have ended with tetanus shot. But Peek had stepped on this nail while in a pig pen. The child would undergo four surgeries, almost lose his foot and spend about a month in the hospital. In that span he would be given some antibiotics and that's what he's told induced epilepsy.

That didn't stop him.  "Without adversity, you'll never achieve success," he said Sunday. "There will always be road bumps and you'll need the Lord and your family, but you also have to believe in yourself."

The WTEC annually takes 20 of the world's toughest cowboys to battle the clock and Wrangler Timed Event Championship-THE WORLD CHAMPION COLORADO’S JOSH PEEK tests their talents in a marathon of team roping - heading and heeling, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and steer roping over five rounds for a share of a $150,000 total purse.

Peek went to the lead in the third round on the 14th run of the weekend. However, on the 19th run a fast running draw led to a 27.5 in the steer wrestling. He would end the fourth go in second place. In the fifth round, Peek dropped to third. The team roping - heeling shuffled the deck as K.C. Jones of Burlington, Wyo., a four-time WTEC Champion, dropped to third. Trevor Brazile of Decatur, Texas, the six-time WTEC Champion, moved to the lead in the average and Peek went to second after 23 head. In the steer wrestling, Brazile had a tough steer, suffering a 60-second time. So, Peek tossed his draw in 4.1 seconds for 296.8 on 24 and the lead, with one run remaining. Jones was second. In the steer roping, Jones was 18-seconds for 343.0 on 25. Wrangler Timed Event Championship-THE WORLD CHAMPION COLORADO’S JOSH PEEK Peek needed to be 46.1 for the win and was 18.4.

Jones finished second in the average for $25,000, while Jo Jo Lemond was third at 358.3 seconds for $15,000. Brazile claimed fourth with 364.9 for $10,000 and fifth was Chance Kelton of Mayer, Ariz., 367.6 for $7,500. Kelton also had the fastest round with 48 seconds in the second go for and additional $10,000.

Not long into Sunday's action, fans witnessed something never before done at the WTEC, as Jo Jo LeMond of Andrews, Texas, along  with the  assistance of World Champion Randon Adams, shattered the WTEC team roping - heading record with a 4.5-second run. The previous record was a 5.1-second run by B.J. Campbell in 2002. LeMond also holds the WTEC team roping-heeling record with a 4.9-second effort with Matt Sherwood in 2009.

The Ironman event of ProRodeo returned to the Fabulous Lazy E Arena this weekend in Guthrie, Oklahoma. For over two and a half decades, this one-of-a-kind event has Wrangler Timed Event Championship-THE WORLD CHAMPION COLORADO’S JOSH PEEK showcased world champions and a cast of ProRodeo’s most elite cowboys competing in the most unique event in rodeo – the WTEC.

New in 2010, the Wrangler Timed Event Championship will be aired as a special on RFD-TV’s “Beyond Rodeo Show with Susie Dobbs”. The WTEC is proud to be partners with “Beyond Rodeo” and RFD-TV. Original air dates for the 2010 WTEC will be Wednesday, April 29th at 12:30PM Central and 10:30PM Central. Be sure and tune into RFD-TV and catch the action of this years WTEC event! Also new this year, the Lazy E was proud to have the WTEC broadcasted live on numerous radio stations across the country and on the web at ProRodeoLive.com. As always, fans can also re-live all the runs at the WTEC on DVD by ordering the entire show from Rodeo Video – don’t miss a run of your favorite WTEC competitor at Rodeo Video.

The 2010 Wrangler Timed Event Championship was sponsored by Wrangler in conjunction with, Ariat Boots, Priefert Ranch & Rodeo Equipment, Jack Daniels, Cross Bar Gallery, Dodge, Relentless Ropes by Cactus, John Vance Motors, Coca-Cola, Cinderella Horses.com, Corona Light, R.K. Black, Inc., Gist Silversmiths, Spin to Win Magazine, Cactus Saddlery, Hot Heels, Clear Channel Radio, The Oklahoman, Shorty’s Caboy Hattery, CSI Saddlepads, the Best Western Edmond, and the Fairfield Inn & Suites – Edmond.

The 2010 Wrangler Timed Event Championship is a Lazy E Production.  For more information on the Wrangler Timed Event Championship or other Lazy E events, contact the Lazy E Arena, 9600 Lazy E Drive, Guthrie, OK  73044, (405) 282-RIDE, (800) 595-RIDE or visit www.lazye.com.

26th Annual Wrangler Timed Event Championship – Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, OK March 5-7

Fastest Go-Rounds

1. Chance Kelton – Mayer, AZ               48.0 seconds set in 2nd go        $10,000
2. Josh Peek – Pueblo, CO                    49.6 seconds set in 3rd go        $6,000
3. Trevor Brazile – Decatur, TX             50.8 seconds set in 3rd go         $5,000
4. Kyle Lockett – Visalia, CA                  51.3 seconds set in 2nd go        $4,000
5. JoJo LeMond – Andrews, TX              52.2 seconds set in 4th go         $3,000
6. Josh Peek – Pueblo, CO                    52.4 seconds set in 5th go          $2,000

Average (total on 25 head of cattle over 5 go-rounds of competition)

1. Josh Peek                                        315.2 seconds                         $50,000
2. K.C. Jones – Burlington, WY            343.0 seconds                         $25,000
3. JoJo LeMond                                    358.3 seconds                         $15,000
4. Trevor Brazile                                   364.9 seconds                         $10,000
5. Chance Kelton                                  367.6 seconds                         $7,500
6. Beau Franzen – Sidney, MT             367.9 seconds                          $5,000
7. Kyle Lockett                                      388.0 seconds                         $4,500
8. Jimmie Cooper – Monument, NM      391.8 seconds                          $3,000

Arena record broken for $3,000 Lazy E Arena bonus

Team Roping - Heading
JoJo LeMond               4.5 seconds in 5th go breaking the 5.1 seconds of B.J. Campbell from 2002

WTEC Notes from 2010

Winning $58,000 Josh Peek’s cumulative Timed Event earnings total $79,500 for three years
Winning $25,000 K.C. Jones now totals $388,500 for 19 years
Winning $15,000 Trevor Brazile now totals $579,500 for 15 years
Winning $8,500 Kyle Lockett now totals $156,500 for 10 years


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Photos By Fly Thomas, PRCA Photograper.