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Trevor Brazile Chooses Twister Trailers

March 15, 2010, Fort Scott, Kansas--Trevor Brazile knows what works.  An eleven time World Champion, and tied for the most All-Around Cowboy titles (7), his attention to detail in the rodeo arena is matched only by his discerning taste in the equipment it takes to keep his horses and his program on the path to success.  On the road more than not, Trevor Brazile needs a trailer that is not only a home away from home for him and his family, but safe and comfortable for his horses, high quality, low maintenance, and trustworthy.  Looking stylish when you pull into the rodeo grounds doesn’t hurt either.  That’s why when Trevor had a choice, he chose Twister Trailers.

Trevor Brazile’s new Twister trailer features a walk-in rear tack room and a side load option for the horses, along with standard, superior quality features and attention to detail found on all Twister Trailers.  Trevor also has other Twister Trailers on his ranch, including a one horse trailer that he uses for short trips.  Trevor says “It’s the only trailer manufacturer that I’ve found that doesn’t cut any corners. They keep me on the road, because they are the best built trailer in the industry.”

What makes Twister the “best built trailer in the industry?”  Using the highest quality materials available, Twister Trailer is proud to manufacture most of the components for their trailers, keeping quality control in-house.  Innovative features are standard on a Twister Trailer; their professional staff enjoys helping customers develop solutions to their specific hauling challenges, whether that is creating a one horse trailer or hauling a stagecoach.  Twister employees are horse people themselves, and they are always keeping convenience and your horses’ safety top of mind when developing new trailer features.

Twister Trailers is the premier trailer company in the equine industry, offering built to order trailers to suit every horseman’s needs. Superior in quality, features and style, Twister Trailers are pulled by top horsemen in many disciplines: Craig Cameron, Charmayne James, Patrick Smith, Russell Dilday, Teddy Robinson, Tuf Cooper, Todd Martin and Brent Wright. Twister Trailers: custom built for champions and custom built for you. www.twistertlr.com