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Fast Back Focus with Al Benson

Rope variety necessary for success

As a roper, determining the lay (softness or stiffness) of rope you need may seem like an ever-changing mystery. In fact, many ropers don’t realize they should keep several lays of their favorite rope available in their bag. Different circumstances and conditions require a different lay or softness.

Headers will use a softer rope when running to the hip to catch, while a slightly stiffer rope will be used when reaching, to assure the loop stays open while in the air. Roping cattle with short, small horns also requires a softer lay so that the loop comes tight quickly.

The number one lay we sell in heel ropes is a Medium. There are many ropers who prefer to rope with a Medium Soft, as Fast Back ropes have a lot of body, which makes the loop stay open better. Heeling with this softer lay helps prevent slipping or losing legs on cattle that are hard to rope.

Some of our pros will use up to three different lays, depending on the time of year and the weather. The weather can make a significant difference in the way your ropes feel. The rope you normally use and like can change with hot, cold, dry or moist weather.

It’s always a good idea to keep an assortment of lays for these various conditions. Ropers usually have their favorite rope in their favorite lay, but invariably will be faced with conditions that will require a slight variation.