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Once again this month I had nothing to write about. The last few months have been pretty boring around here. Rain, rope, sleep, work and repeat. We don’t need overreach boots to rope we need mud boots. I think our water bill is going to be as high the past month as during a drought with washing out the footgear all of the time.

I guess one high point of this month would be my son graduating high school. It’s been a long time coming yet it seems just like yesterday he was walking around beside us all of the time holding my hand. Time flies when you’re having fun. Fun it was. I wouldn’t have traded the past 18 years for anything.

My wife and I have actually been day dreaming about what we are going to do when he is gone to college. We might actually be able to ride our own horses and maybe even rope those steers and calves that used to be ours before he started roping. He never wanted to do anything until the 8th grade. Before that he just worked chutes for us and warmed up our horses. When he started, he started all at once. My horses became his horses, my cattle became his. I started working chutes for him while my wife warmed up the next horse in line. The last five years have been all about him, but that is ok. We didn’t mind putting our lives on hold to help him reach his goals. I’m pretty sure he appreciates the sacrifice we made for him. If not, after reading this he will !!!!

I sat down to check some e-mails and something popped up on my homepage about a survey that showed 9 or 10 native Americans did not have one care in the world about the name of the Washington Redskins being derogatory towards them. They said it didn’t bother them that the teams name was the Redskins nor did they feel ill when someone called them redskins.

All of this just goes to show the people doing the hollaring about stuff really don’t even have a dog in the fight. Most of this stuff is something made up by the media or someone that stands to benefit from the controversy. The Indians didn’t care so why should we.

This brings up another point I was refreshed on this week. The latest issue of Western Horseman magazine has a good article about Luke Branquinho. In it he talks about the future of rodeo and the ERA. I’ll let you read the article on your own but he basically says that he and the others will never reap the benefits of the ERA because any good will be down the road after they have retired. I know by now you have pretty much ordered your t-shirt. You are either Team PRCA or you are TEAM ERA. Have you stopped to think about maybe getting a shirt that says, TEAM RODEO.
There has to be a better way to rodeo. I know tradition says we travel 100,000 miles in a year and blow up three horses and one truck along the way, but is that really the best way. Just because it has been done that way for 75 years doesn’t mean it is the only way to do it. The ERA might be on to something there. I do not agree with them that the people in the stands only want to see the best cowboys. I’ve sat in the stands and I know that is BS. Spectators don’t want to be bored. They want action. They have no idea who is riding. They like action.

Rodeo is full of cronies. We have to get these cronies out before we can move rodeo into the next century. We are being held back by our own people inside rodeo. We need people with common sense and some values. People with integrity. People that will vote for something good even though it is going to affect them bad. John Wayne said courage was being scared to death and saddling up anyway. Those are the kind of people we need.

By cutting their income to nothing I’m pretty sure these ERA guys are scared to death right now, but at least they saddled up. They are fighting the fight. I know there have been some that have come back to the PRCA. Some had to. Not everyone can afford to cut their income like that. The benefits of the ERA will be seen in years, not months.
Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Give something a little time to build.

Heading to the barn
to saddle up,

Big Al



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