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They say getting old is not easy. Actually they say it is a "female dog" if you know what I mean. About the same time you will be getting this months paper I'll be turning 46. On the calendar it only shows to be one year later than when I turned 45 last November but man it sure seems like more. In the past year I know I've personally paid the little cashier girls salary at CVS with my weekly purchases of Aleve and Advil. I feel like I'm living in the middle of a spring field 24 hours a day. Throw in my Benadryl and she's got a 401k. It seems the only thing I've yet to put on my list is Preparation H. According to the commercials on tv I'm behind on that so I have that to look forward to I guess.
When I was younger I could spot a fly on top of the water tower in town with my 20/20 vision. Nowadays I don't have any problem seeing him on the water tower but if he lands on my hand I couldn't tell you if it was a piece of dirt or a tatoo. Thank goodness they have these little cheater glasses that are fairly cheap. For just $20 you can go from not being able to read your name on your drivers license to now having 20/20 vision like an 18 year old. My wife and I have never had the least bit of problems with our sight. We both have always had perfect vision. That was until this past year or two. Now we both have several pairs of "cheaters" laying around the house. A pair in each bathroom. A pair by the bed. A pair on each desk. Probably one in the truck and several more that we find when we least expect it. All of this brings me to my next story.

Even though I have grown up in Texas my entire life and I am proudly a son of the Lone Star State I never spent any time in Austin. Last year my wife finally found her old hair stylist from many years ago. After following her to downtown Houston we now have made the treck to Austin twice now. Although Austin is only two hours from the house, we being two people that don't need much of a reason to make a road trip, we make it an overnighter. Although the bumper sticker says "keep Austin wierd", there is little doubt of that ever being a problem!!!! Both times we have gone to Austin we take a little trip down 6th Street for a little people watching.

Remember, we are the same couple that have gotten lunch to go and then sat in the Wal-Mart parking lot and people watched as we ate our lunch. 6th Street offers some of the best people watching on the face of the Earth. This particular night we went to our favorite spot and had drinks and a meal. The whole time we are sitting there we are listening to the two couples at the next table. They are in their mid 20's. Probably just out of the grand school just a few blocks away. For lack of a better word they were "yuppies." I loath yuppies just about as much as Phil Robertson. I promise you yuppies will be the downfall of all mankind. These two couples were yuppies to infinity and beyond.
As we sat there listening to them we talked about the problems with todays kids and how these people knew nothing of our world. I made the statement that the two cute little ladies would never know what they were missing by not going out with a calf roper. My wife agreed!!!! We both agreed the two young men probably had never had dirt on their hands or feet for that matter. When the girls wear denim drink beer and the guys wear khaki and drink frozen margaritas there is a problem.

At this point we had the problems figured out in the world and we were wise beyond our years. That was until it was time to leave and we had to ask the waitress back to the table to read our tab for us. Neither of us had remembered our glasses. These two wise beyond their years, people of the dirt, go getters, don't hire it-do it yourselfers were dead in the water. We tried to look cool to the table of kids next to us but we got the hell outa Dodge if you know what I'm talking about. We got a good laugh out of it all the way back down the street to our hotel.

A night on the town is not for old folks! I'll leave the partying to the kids. For one night in September we both felt like kids. I forgot to tell you we couldn't read the menu when we sat down either. It was a Mexian place so we just ordered fajitas. When in Rome . . . . Do as the Romans!!!!

Big Al



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