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Don’t Mess With Texas!!!! Millions of dollars have been spent on advertising this slogan to keep people from throwing trash on our Texas ground. Do rodeo people not ever watch or read these commercials.

It is well documented on my love of Whataburger and on the side of every Whataburger bag and cup is this: “When I am empty, please dispose of me properly.” Is properly in the middle of the contestant parking lot out behind the rodeo? That’s what I found the other day while I was letting my horse graze for a few minutes out behind my trailer. Someone had cleaned out their truck of all their Whataburger trash. Obviously they like Whataburger as much as I did, only they just couldn’t read the side of the cup. We had the same trash at the same rodeo but we awoke the next morning to a truck smelling like an onion because we don’t leave our trash in the parking lot. We hang on to ours until we can find a trash can. Either at the same rodeo or at a gas station when we fill up, or even more common when we stop at Whataburger after the rodeo.

I’m not picking on Whataburger here. I just know they have that slogan on the side of their cups and bags and I see more Whataburger trash than others because more rodeo people stop at Whataburger than anywhere else. At another rodeo this summer we parked and got out of our truck only to find a pile of glass beer bottles right out of our truck door. Thank goodness we didn’t run them over pulling in. It was at least 6 to 8 bottles all in a little pile. If you took the effort to pile them up shouldn’t you have taken just a little more effort and walked the 100’ over to the trash can that I was looking at, that I know had to be there when you left your little pile?

Like I wrote last month, these committees are stepping up for the contestants. Guided parking, more added money, hospitality tents, dedicated slacks and much more. Is it too much to ask that we pick up our trash when we leave?

A month or two back, one of our respected lady ropers put on her Instagram account a big pile of trash she found at a fairgrounds that is used as a stop-over for people travelling out West. She said the fairgrounds doesn’t charge anything and they open their facilities to the passing cowboys and then someone goes and leaves a big pile of trash in the parking lot. Remember what I said last month? Do you want to be the one that cost us a privilege? Not all of these fairgrounds have inmate labor to pick up trash the next morning. Most of the time the person in charge is out there picking up trash the next week because they know they have already used their volunteer labor all they can and they just hate to ask them to go pick up trash. Everyone wants a glamour job at the rodeo, no one wants to go pick up trash on Sunday morning. I would really hate for the big boss to cut the added money in half next year because WE pissed him off on Sunday morning picking up OUR trash from his rodeo grounds.

Big Al



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