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Last month's article was a repeat of an article I wrote in August of 2014. In a way I guess you could say that it was a warm up for this month's article. Since I laid it out there last month that I sometimes put my foot in my mouth then I guess there should be no doubt that I am far from being politically correct.

Like I said last month, don't make me be for or against something. I can be in the middle. I don't like ribbon roping at the end of the rodeo, but at least they put tiedown at the beginning, so that makes it not so bad. I said at least I didn't have a girl in the goat tying, but even the girls usually get to run their pole run first. Life is all one big compromise. They give you something and then they take something away or they give you something really fast like the tiedown and then make you wait for the ribbons or the team roping. Compromise is what makes the world go around. Political correctness is not compromise.

Political correctness is not about compromise. It is about I don't like something so it must not be good. If something offends you then don't watch it, look at it, eat it, go to it or smell it. The most offensive thing in the world to me is a dead skunk in the middle of the road (sing along with me if you know the words). Each time I pass one on the road it fills the truck with the most wretched smell of all mankind. Does it offend me, hell yes! But I don't stop and tell it how offensive it is to my nose. I push the gas just a little faster and get the heck out of there. Talking to it about it's odor would not do much good anyway. The skunk is dead and even it were alive it would just spray me and show me its butt. Sounds like a lot of things in the world that are offensive, all talk and showing their butt.

90% of everyone you and I know is normal. Of the 10 dads standing around the back of the roping box 9 of us or pretty normal. Then there is that one guy. The 10% that is far from normal. The calves are never good enough, the barrier is too long or short, the box is dead, the ground is deep out in the arena and hard in front of the box. Where is the box pad? This damn rodeo is slow as Christmas! The flag man is slow today. He didn't get that calf up. You know him. Sometimes we catch ourselves trying to not be him. There are times when the calves are bad, the ground is terrible and the flag man is incompetent, but no one wants to be the chronic grouch guy.

Political correctness is alot like the 10%. Whether the flag is rainbow, stars and bars or Old Glory, it doesn't bother us. We are normal 90% and we don't get caught up in the pettiness of someone trying to make a big deal out of something that is minor. I tell everyone all of the time that I keep to myself in the country. We stay home and practice by ourselves because it seems like when we go somewhere else or we let people come over the drama is there. I'm about to turn 47 years old. I've got fat running thru my veins. Drama could likely give me a heart attack. Ain't noboby got time for that!!!

It used to be that political correctness was called putting your foot in your mouth. About the time your big toe hit your tonsils you already knew you had said something wrong. Now someone has to tell you how offensive it was while you're trying to swallow a stinky, sweaty foot. I'm pretty sure I got it.

If it offends you then tune it out. If you offend then tone it down for the people that can't tune it out. Be the 90%. Be the good looking Rob Lowe. Don't be the creepy Rob Lowe he is not normal.

On a lighter note, I forgot to congratulate myself and my family last month. Last month's August issue was our 25th Anniversary. August 1990 was the first ever Cowboy Sports News. Just like myself, it gets better with time and age.

The 90%,

Big Al



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