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Big Al Goes To State

Like every parent reading this article I wanted my son to make state in Abilene his freshman year. A couple of broken barriers on some really good calves late in the season put us at the Frio River the second week of June 2013. Fast forward one year and just as the Beverly Hillbillies did, "we loaded up the truck and headed to town."

Check in was a breeze. We were in line less than 10 minutes and within 25 minutes of hitting Abilene we had the a/c on in the trailer and were getting ready to head out for something to eat. Within 27 minutes of hitting Abilene we were cussing this place. We hadn't even hooked up the water hose before the breaker tripped on their pedestal. We called them over and they said a lot of them were doing it because they had to rewire something and it probably would just keep tripping. No problem, it's a mild 89 degrees on the asphalt at 9pm so we shouldn't sweat too much, NOT.

Let's go get a motel room was the first thing out of my wife and I's mouths at just about the same time. We were hungry so let's go get something to eat and check out the hotel situation. We went a few miles to the local Whataburger and as luck would have it there was a hotel just across the street. We pulled into the parking lot and just as I was telling my wife to jump out and go inside our headlights hit the parking lot action. There were people everywhere mugging down at just about every car in the parking lot. As my wife covered our innocent 16 year olds eyes, I proclaimed this one not suitable even for an oilfield crew unless they were chaperoned. Further investigation revealed a bar in the same building as the hotel and I guess it was to loud inside for the patrons to whisper sweet nothings in their sweethearts ears so they had to go outside for something quieter or darker.

We decided to go back and turn everything in the trailer off except the a/c. If it tripped in the middle of the night we would at least know not to go to that hotel. That trick worked. Our a/c was all that we could run the entire time, but at least we had that.

As luck would have it we drew up Monday morning and Thursday night. We were only in the calf roping, so we only had one horse. We figured we would rope that morning and then head home. Five hours home was nothing to be able to sleep in your own bed for the next three nights and be able to let the horse run loose in the pasture instead of a confined stall. The trips home and back on Thursday were both very uneventful, unfortunately. If you were there you would know why of all the trips I've been on over the years the return trip to Abilene on Thursday afternoon was the one trip that I wish I would have had at least 4 blowouts on my trailer. You see, we were only in Abilene for less than 30 minutes on Thursday afternoon when the hail storm hit. I'm pretty good at changing tires on the side of the road, but two bad tires would have put us there just after "THE GREAT HAIL STORM OF THE THSRA FINALS back in `14."
We left Thursday morning to head to Abilene, so what do you think I did on Wednesday? I had my truck washed and waxed! Yep, all for nothing. The wax was no match for watermelon size hail stones. At least that is what they sounded like as they pounded our truck that afternoon. When the first one hit our truck we all screamed like a bunch of Justin Beiber fans. That was our first encounter with "incoming anything." All we could do was sit there as it turned my nice truck into one just like the guy that comes and gets my scrap iron drives.

Oh well, you only live once and I did get material to write this article, so I'm going to try and write off the trip on my taxes. We actually faired better than some of our friends. At least we were able to drive home without duct tape holding cardboard over our windows and our trailer had almost no damage except for some dimples in the roof. We had a blast, the Finals was all we had hoped for. We didn't make the short go or win anything but he caught both calves and tied them down decent. We've got two more years left to try again.

Congratulations to all of those that made state and good luck to everyone that is headed North for Nationals this month.

Still looking up,

Big Al



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