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I’ve watched a lot of tv in my life. I’m not a big sports fan. I don’t sit around all day on Sunday and watch football or golf. I’m more into sitcoms. I think I’ve seen almost every Big Bang Theory ever made. Not just because of Penny, although that is reason enough to watch. I basically got hooked a long time ago and it just stuck with me.

My wife and I used to watch Friends when we first got married. It was the show back then to watch. I remember watching the final episode of Friends, MASH and now the Big Bang Theory. Final episodes never fail to disappoint you. They never end how you want them to. They kind of just leave you in limbo wanting more. I’m pretty sure they do that on purpose.

One show I’ve never ever watched is the Game of Thrones. So it came as a surprise the other day when I was mowing in the bottom where normally I don’t even have phone service and I got a notification to go watch a YouTube video to catch up on the Game of Thrones.

I was weaving in and out of limbs with my cab tractor. The hogs had torn up the ground so bad I was bouncing from side to side and I had to pee. I was not in a good mood. It was a better mood with the a/c and the radio but still I was ready to get off of the tractor long before my phone “dinged.” So when I had to contort myself into position to get my phone from my front pocket it was just making my day. I was expecting my wife to call or text at any moment to say she was headed home. When I looked at the screen I can promise you that you didn’t want to be inside that cab with me.

I’m not into wizards or dragons or anything to do with the fairy tale world. Game of Thrones is not something I have ever needed to subscribe to HBO for. I sure didn’t need to catch up on it on YouTube.

I wish I could say that I politely put my phone back into my pocket and kept on mowing, but I didn’t. I had already had enough of hog ruts, pecan tree limbs and my tea from Whataburger that it was time to call it a day.

How is it in a creek bottom that seldom has cell phone service for my more important calls was this one annoying notification able to get through? Modern technology has no bounds.

Thank goodness my wife called within the next few minutes and it was time to “head to the house” for some relief and some supper.

I’m not sure how these notifications started coming to my phone but I get them all of the time. I’ve looked for a way to turn them off to no avail. I get them in the middle of the night, all during the day.

And now that GOT (Game of Thrones for you newbies) is over, now they have counselors standing by to console you after the final episode. Get a life!!! If you need consoling after a tv show you might have a problem. I just lost my future girlfriend of 12 years and I’m doing fine. At least so far. You didn’t really think I watched Big Bang for the nerds did you. We’ve just got to suck it up. We’ll be fine without Penny. At least I hope so.

The only thing worse than these notifications are the robo calls I get 20 times a day. In the old days you could tell when it was a robo call because it was from some weird number in a far off land. You knew right away you didn’t need to answer that call. Now they use local numbers from your area. You know you don’t know the number but it’s from your town and it might the mayor calling with the key to the city. It could be the banker calling with news about a lost deposit they just found for your account. Nope, it’s none of those. It’s just Laura calling to see if ObamaCare is working for you. It’s probably John with the International Brotherhood of Police wanting to know if you wanted to help out with their fund raiser.

The best ones are the ones that start off with “this is not a sales call.” Then what the heck is it???

Big Al


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