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They say there are two things you can always count on in life - death and taxes. I'm pretty sure I succumbed to both this past month.

April 15th as we all know is tax day. I did my part in the never ending support of Obamacare and $200 hammers for the military by paying my share of the national debt. I do love having the good feeling of knowing that if someone breaks into my house I don't have to go hunt them down myself. Because I pay taxes I can call the police and let them do it. And then after they probably don't do anything, then I can go hunt them down myself. This happened this past month. We went to the movies in Katy on a Sunday night. When we came out and cranked our truck it sounded like a high school redneck kid had made some adjustments while we were inside. Come to find out it wasn't a high school redneck kid, it was a lowlife piece of crap too lazy to get a job so he decided to take my catalytic converter.

$4,000 later we were up and running again. I'm not real sure the Dodge dealer wasn't the one going around stealing them and then selling them back to us for $4,000. What could make something that small cost so much? Insurance paid for it minus my $100 deductable but now I'm out $100 just because some punk has no desire or ambition to better himself honestly. You can bet he isn't paying his taxes either. Of course the police have no leads nor any idea who did it. There are no cameras on that parking lot. Both before and after my theft I had heard of other trucks having their's stolen for months around Katy. Beware. I heard they hit the cutting horse futurity back in December in Fort Worth also. Someone said they got 6 trucks in one night.

I'm not much of a vigilante but I definately thought about taking my other truck back the next weekend and sitting and watching for the person to come along. If I knew his buddy wouldn't shoot me I had plans on walking up and sticking a yellow hot shot up his leg while he was under my truck cutting my converter off. That might make him think twice about messing with a truck with cow manure all over the side. The only thing that stopped me was my fear of death from gunshot.

Speaking of fear of death, yes there were two things that I said you could count on in life. We already know I paid my taxes, now to the death part.

My wife and her friends dragged me to Luckenbach for a 5K Fun Run. What could possibly be any fun about running a 5K. For those of you that were making spit balls in the 3rd grade when we were doing metric conversions, a 5K translates to 3 miles in America. 3 miles is not that hard. When my wife and I go walk at the park on pretty afternoons we usually do around 2 miles. 2 miles that is at a leisurely pace on a pretty afternoon. This was anything but leisurely or pretty. Three miles up and down the hills of Luchenbach at 8 in the morning. By the time I got to the halfway point I was wishing Fredericksburg didn't have a Whataburger because about that time my Dr. Pepper and sausage biscuit was not sitting well and I knew that paying my taxes was not going to be the hardest thing I did this month.

I had a plan when I started. I didn't want to finish last and I wanted to run at least a quarter to half of the race. I pretty much accomplished both. I didn't finish last. There were 332 people in the race and I finished 308th. I even managed to finish in front of the group of old ladies that were power walking the whole race. I barely managed to finish in front of the couple that were walking with their 5 year old daughter the whole time. I'm pretty sure if the daddy hadn't have carried the little girl on his shoulders half of the time he could have beat me. His loss!!!!

Yes, death and taxes is what I felt in the month of April.

I crossed the finish line,

Big Al



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