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Cowboy Sports News FAQ - Frequent Asked Questions

What is the deadline for advertising?
The deadline is the 15th of each month for the next months issue. This means for example the deadline for the April issue would be March 15th. Depending on when the 15th falls there may or may not be a grace period. Better safe than sorry.
How much are classified ads?
Classified ads are 40 cents per word with a $12 minimum per ad per month. This means if you have a 10 word classified it will still cost you $12 per month. This also means if you have a horse ad plus a trailer ad that will appear in seperate sections of the classifieds, each ad will be $12.
How do you count the words for a classified ad?
Every 5 letters or spaces is one word. This includes headings and phone numbers. The on-line submission form will automatically count the words for you when you submit your ad.
If I submit an on-line classified ad over the internet, when will it appear on-line?
We only update the classified once per month. The deadline is the 15th just like all other advertising. This means if you submit a classified ad on April 24th, it will not appear online until June 1st.
How often does your publication come out?
We print every month, 12 times per year. The paper comes out around the first of each month. 90% of all readers have their paper by the 1st of each month.
If I subscribe today when will I get my first paper in the mail?
We have to have our mailing list compiled and submitted to the printers by the 20th of each month. This means that we must have your subscription by the 15th of each month for you to get the next months paper. If you subscribe on April 24th, you will not get a paper until the June issue.
What is the best format to submit an advertisement for a display ad?
The best format for us to work with is PDF. We can take Word, Publisher, Excel, Publisher, Photoshop and Pagemaker files but there is a good chance the fonts will not be correct when we print. A PDF with all fonts embedded is the best way for us to get advertisements.
How many papers do you print each month?
We print and distribute on average over 12,000 papers each month.
How can my retail location get copies to pass out in our store?
Depending on your location you can request to be put on our mailing list to start getting papers to pass out free to the public. Some areas where we don't have many stores may be free. Some areas already have locations and we charge a one time $50 setup fee to become a distribution point. Contact the office for more details on how your store can start getting papers.
There are no stores in my area that distribute the Cowboy Sports News, where can I get one?
Get a subscription! We would rather you get a subscription first. If that is not possible and you know of a really good "cowboy" type store, then you need to have the store contact us to become a distributor.