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They say that when one is a LEGEND that ghosts sit around and tell stories about that person. I guess you could say that means the person is so scary good that even the ghosts have nightmares about that person.

As much as I'm hoping that one day ghosts will tell stories about that ol' fat rodeo paper editor one day, this article isn't about me. To say that ghosts tell stories about Cody Ohl is an understatement. Cody Ohl makes us all tell stories. I bet if you go to the Calf Roping Forum on Facebook, Cody is in 75% of the threads on there. He's kind of like J.R. Ewing. He is the person that everyone loves to hate or hates to love or just about any way you want to say it. To say he is a legend is probably not doing the word Legend any justice. Cody was a legend before he even graduated high school. It didn't take him long to earn his legend status in the pro ranks. There is not a person in the Thomas & Mack arena each night that does not stop in mid stride and watch to see what is about to unfold. The guy is electric to say the least!

Every year he never fails to bring the house down. I know I wrote this a couple years back but - Joe might have built the house and Fred might have remodeled it, but Cody is the one that has the party when the parents are gone away. Not a single calf roper will think they have the round won until as they say "the fat lady has sung or Cody Ohl has roped."

Joe Beaver says that "winners will find a way." I'm pretty sure that is what Cody has written in his own blood on his bathroom mirror. He starts everyday trying to find a way. You can say what you want about him not going to enough rodeos earlier in the year. I don't blame him one bit. Everyone's priorities are different. He likes to spend time at home. We all know how hard the road is.

Another quote comes to mind when you think of Cody Ohl. They say life should not be a journey to the grave arriving safely in a well preserved attractive body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out hollaring, Man What A Ride!

Clay Tryan asked him at this year's finals if he thought of himself as the best there ever was. He hemed and he hawed and he tried to avoid the question but in the end Clay pressed for an answer and to everyone's enjoyment, he said what we all knew already, yes he thought he probably was.

He said that when Dean Oliver told him he was the best then he knew he was. We don't need Dean Oliver to know he's the most electric, talented and talked about calf roper of the last 20 years.
How about the rest of the NFR this year? Richmond Champion did a great job of finishing off his great year with a stellar performance at the NFR. I don't normally watch the steer wrestling but this year's finals was fun to watch. With the rookies having good luck I found myself rooting for the new guys each night. I also rooted for Trevor Knowles after I watched an interview where he talked about his small truck and trailer that he hauled in. That's putting your priorities in line.

I also found myself rooting for the old guys each night in the team roping. Clay O', Jake and Rich got all of my attention all week. It made me happy to come back from a hunting trip that left me without internet service the last weekend to see that Jake and Jr had won 2nd in the average and Clay O' and his partner had won 3rd. I was also happy to see that Rich finally won a round. Like I said earlier, winners find a way.

Fallon Taylor. Enough said. You/me/the world might not agree on her wardrobe each night but damn can that little horse run.

Another name that has appeard in this paper for years made his presence known in Vegas this week. Aaron Pass did a great job of riding bulls and got to make his victory lap a few times before he left town. I wish they would have shown one of his victory laps on tv since he had to go practice riding a horse before he left town for Vegas. That would have been some good watching.

If you don't want to go saddle your horse at 11pm at night after watching the NFR on tv then you probably don't have any beat in your heart. It's about like listening to Dale Brisby talk about spurring one down. I almost ran out of the house and across the street to the neighbors pasture and crawled on the back of an Angus bull the other day. Ol' Dale is gonna have to put a warning disclaimer at the beginning of his videos that your blood might start pumping a little faster after watching. I think they should put swine ropin' in the next Redneck Games.

On to the next one

Ol' Son,

Big Al



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