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I wasn't the only one that saw the Facebook post last month about "not my circus, not my monkies." It seems I hit on something with that little bit. I got plenty of e-mails saying that was their new life motto also. I also overheard a few other people talking about it while I was out and about. Just another example of how Big Al' knows the pulse of the everyday person. I put on my pants one leg at a time. Except on some Sundays when I might not ever even put on pants that day. I know, kinda scary!!! White leg alert!!!
This summer passed so quickly that we didn't have time to do much. We made our annual pilgrimage to the Frio in late July. There is not a whole lot of bad in the world that a cold river, an innertube and some sunscreen can't cure. Start the day off with a good hearty breakfast at Neal's and finish it with a steak from the House Pasture and pretty soon you don't even know there is bad in the world. This year we finally rented a house. Man, that is living.

If you'll remember the first time we went many years ago we took along my mother-in-law. She actually had us load a futon in the back of the horse trailer to sleep on. I still don't know why, because she slept the entire time on a blowup float on the picnic table because the futon hurt her back. Mother-in-laws! We all gotta have one at least once in our life.

Since then, I make it my annual ritual to take the living quarters down to the local truck wash and have it cleaned inside and out. Once a year it gets the poop pressure washed out for our big river trip. My son and his buddies have spent many a night in the back of that trailer on an army cot. This year we decided to split a house with another couple. Satellite tv, a king size bed, a real stove and refrigerator made this just like home for a week. It's going to make it hard to take the trailer back again. That is until I had to actually pay for the house. The ol' 10' short wall is looking pretty good now.

If you've never been, you have to put in on your bucket list. If you have kids, the Garner dance is a right of passage. You couldn't get our son to talk to a girl at a rodeo, but put him at the Garner dance and he will dance all night.

Roger Creager had his hit song this summer, River Song. The Frio is my river. I don't like the Guadalupe, the Comal or the Colorado. The Frio is my little piece of heaven. Earl Dibbles has his shirt that says, Floatin' Rivers and Killin' Livers. I'm not much on killing livers because I'm not a big drinker, but if you count a few Cokes, Dr Peppers and some Cheetos I'm pretty sure I killed any chance I had at ever fitting back into my pants from college. Throw in that Neal's breakfast and House Pasture steak and I probably killed a chance to fit into last months pants!!

You probably wouldn't know it but I'm a big Taylor Swift fan. Just kidding!!!! The other morning she was on one of the morning shows talking about her newest song and video. She was talking about todays culture being not only a culture of celeb-takedown, but of a takedown culture in general. Not only do we try to knock celebs down at the first chance, but we take the first chance to knock down everyone. That statement hit me and I had to actually rewind the show to make sure I heard it correctly. She is right. Everytime you turn on the tv some big star has done something and they are throwing them under the bus. It's not just celebrities either. You hear all the time about this person did this or that person did that. Who cares??? Mind your own damn business and don't worry about what everyone else is doing.

My new motto this month (from Facebook of course) is "the only person you need to be better than is the person you were yesterday."


Kind of fits into

my Frio trip,

Big Al



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