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Leave it up to the PRCA to mess up a good thing. Supposedly they are considering a rule proposal that would allow rodeo committees to choose the five events they wish to have at their respective rodeo. Didn’t we just pass a rule not so many years back that made team roping mandatory because none of the committees wanted it then? How do we go from making all events mandatory to now allowing them to choose? Oh I know! Follow the money!

If you’re looking for reasoning behind just about any change you can always follow the money and it will usually lead you right to the person that is going to benefit from the change. Did anyone read my article last month and the sentence that I said meant more than anything. “What should be changed and how is why we are here today.” Profit and ego are two things that have no business at a board meeting.

Just last year the PRCA was talking about the reason they could not do certain things to make the ERA guys happy was that they had the other 6,000 members to look after, not just the top elite. I felt the same way then. I didn’t think they should cater to the 2% at the top when the other 98% are paying the bills.

Same story, different characters. If you are truly looking out for your 6,000+ members then why would you even consider a rule like this. How can this rule benefit the little guy? How could it ever benefit the elite? The only ones I see benefiting from this rule would be the bull riders. They are the only ones just about guaranteed to have their event at every rodeo. They say you can’t have a rodeo without bull riding. Well guess what, In Texas you can’t have a rodeo without calf roping and team roping. South Dakota wouldn’t have anyone in the stands without saddle bronc.
If you want to put on a “convention” rodeo then call it that. The Professional Convention Rodeo Committee Association. That is basically what the stock contractors and committee guys on the board are after anyway. Bulls, barrels and a cow chip tossing contest is all they want. Oh yeah, they want it followed up with a Nashville star in skinny jeans so they can dance in the dirt afterwards.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with convention rodeos. I’ve got family and friends that have made lots of money over the years working convention rodeos and they definitly have a place in the rodeo entertainment business but as an association the PRCA and other associations have a duty to their members to represent them all especially when the “others” make up over 75% of the association. Try paying the bills for any association without the calf and team ropers. I’ll bet you a steak you can’t do it.

Instead of giving them the option of which events to choose how about giving them the choice to not have all events in the perf or maybe only having limited numbers in the perf per event. The list is endless in the things you can do to make it better for everyone without taking things away. Thinking outside the box will get you a long ways in a situation where everyone is thinking the same. The reason that sentence is so good is because it says in its basic form “that we are here today to try and figure out what we can do to make things better.” It isn’t saying “let’s see what we can do to make ol’ silver saddle a little more money when he comes to town each year to do our rodeo.” What do you get when you have profit and ego in the same room, GREED!

Greed is the thing that brings all men down in the end. There is a lot of difference between profit and greed. I have always said “Thou shall not be greedy” should have been the 11th Commandment.

Never greedy,

Big Al



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