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As most of you know by now from reading this for years that I get a lot of my inspiration from the radio. If you spent as much time in a truck as I do, you would get inspiration from the radio also. I have two trucks that are both less than five years old and between the two they have over 325,000 miles on them. That is a lot of radio time. It’s also a lot of dashboard time which in turn leads to a lot of thinking time. With the radio playing in the background there is bound to be something hit you every now and then.

The other day I was driving and Miranda Lambert’s song “Automatic” came on the radio. It had been on a little bit and all of a sudden I heard the words, “Hey whatever happened to, Waitin’ your turn Doing it all by hand, ‘Cause when everything is handed to you It’s all only worth as much as the time you put in In all just seems so good the way we had it Back before everything be-came, automatic.”

Every horse on my property if not completely trained by myself has had my hand in its training. For the most part they have turned out pretty good. I’ve had many compliments on our horses and it is always a pleasure when someone acknowl-edges the work you’ve put into something. Just so happens when the song came on I was actually thinking about a mare we are in the process of working with now. We bought her back in the spring and she is coming along fine. Like any four year old she has some issues that came with her. Not baggage, but some minor things that had me thinking on the way home on how to work on these things when my mind started listen-ing to the words of the song. “It’s all only worth as much as the time you put in.” That is the exact thing I was thinking of at that moment. This mare was not going to train herself and her little issues were not going to get better without going back to the beginning and starting again I didn’t break her, but I can train her. Tyler Magnus says if you can’t do something at a trot or a lope out of the run, how do you expect to do it at a run during the run. My plan was to go back and fix her problems at a walk, then progress to a trot and then hopefully have a horse with no issues in the end.

The mind is a weird thing and the way it goes off in different directions is even weirde. At least that is how my mind works. Once I had my horse problems figured out the song was stuck in my head and I started thinking about today’s society. Everything is “automatic.” Overnight UPS, Amazon Prime, Apple Iphone 27, Dodge Longhorn. We don’t just want it yesterday, we want it bigger and better than everyone else. Whatever happened to waiting your turn, doing it all by hand, just like the song says. My wife and I have lived on our place for 24 years this month and everything we have on our property we have done with our hands one drop of sweat at a time. When we first got married all we had was a tractor. No front end loader, just a mower and a box blade. We would go out and pull brush with a chain. You probably think I’m crazy and I know she thought I was crazy at the time, but that is what we did. I have always thought I could do it myself way cheaper than hiring someone to do it for me. When you get done, you can look at it and say, “I did that.” It’s all only worth as much as the time you put in! Horses and life.

The last part of this story is “waiting your turn.” That is something that no one knows about anymore. It doesn’t mean don’t cut in line. It means that the good Lord has a plan and despite your eagerness to get there fast-er he might have other things he needs you to do first. The sign in front of the church in town the other day said, “God’s plan for you might not be all about you.”

Think about it.

Big Al


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