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Some months I have nothing at all to talk about in this column. This is one of those months. With all of the nasty weather the last few months my wife and I have taken to eating at a little Mexican joint that is in an old house by the tracks. We go there for one thing only - the atmosphere. The food is ok, the service is good but the atmosphere is what brings us back. We can go in there at night after roping with manure and dirt on our pants and noone cares one bit. To say the dress is casual is an understatement. It is afterall a restaurant in an old house. The reason we have been going there lately is because they have this front porch and with no sun here lately if the sun peeks out from the clouds we don't want to waste a minute sitting inside. They are the only place you can sit outside and soak up the sun and man does it feel great.
As we sat there today I told my wife I had nothing to write about this month. She said I should just write about sitting on the porch drinking ice tea and listening to the birds as we smelled the fresh cut grass. Boy, now there is a great article. It sounds like a Walt Whitman poem already. It might get a little too deep even for me.

Speaking of deep, did I tell you how deep the mud is at my house. Thank goodness I live on a hill. I think I would go crazy if I lived on the prairie right now. The biggest thing about the mud that I hate is when my wife comes back from feeding at the barn she just will not shut up about how deep the mud is and how much she hates feeding horses, calves and steers. After picking myself back up off the floor after I tell her to be quiet while I work at my desk, I gently try my best to change the subject. I really don't know what the big deal is. We have a barn with a roof. It is dry under the roof. She only steps in the mud when she has to go open or close a gate. We only have seven horses, so that is only seven gates she has to close behind each horse and then open later when they finish. She should be lucky we don't have more horses. I really hope for her sake the rain
eases up a little bit. She might make me go down to the barn to feed.

Once again RFD-TV's The American did not disappoint when it came to rodeo drama. I don't think there is any way this can not help rodeo for the future. If nothing else it builds excitement for rodeo and how can that be a bad thing.

With any new event that is not sanctioned by an established association there are going to be times when the rules don't sound reasonable or correct. A rule is not a rule and a law is not a law until someone challenges it. Kind of like you cross that bring when you get there. Well last year we didn't cross any bridges. This year on the other hand we crossed a bridge. I haven't seen a copy of the rules so I don't have an opinion on how it turned out. I do think RFD tried to make it work for everyone.

After the rodeo there was a lot of gossip going on about some other drama that went on. Who knows if we will ever know the full story. Things happen everyday that we might not look at as perfect. Who knows, this might be one of those. I try to make sure I here it from one end of the horse before I form an opinion. In some cases you aren't sure which end of the horse you are hearing it from.

I do know this, the American has put thier money where their mouth is for two years in a row. I hope they don't get a bad taste about any specific events that may cause them to think twice about the future of the event.


Spring is here. We got over 10" of rain in the past two weeks. The sun is out. My wife was in a good mood as she walked thru the mud in the sun this morning. Let's keep her happy before she realizes she has to mow the grass now.

World's greatest husband,

Big Al



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