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There is not a kid out there that has not backed in the box during the 10th round of the National Finals Rodeo or run a big `un at Cheyenne in his mind thousands of times. When I was younger we would have Timed Event Championship ropings on the dummy. You had to use the same rope and rope each dummy 5 times just like they did in Guthrie. You had to tie the dummy for the tiedown and tripping and just like the real deal if your partner missed in the team roping it was a no time.
Those were the good ol' days before we actually had to pay our own fees and sitting around the barn was a blast with the radio going and everybody dropping the bomb. What I'm getting at is there is a pro in every kid out there. Each kid that backs in the box wants to be Trevor, Cody, Marty, Tuff or Clay O. If you think each kid out there doesn't already have his song picked out for the NFR you're crazy!

We had a moment this past weekend at our high school rodeo. One of the best ropers in the region roped right before my son. He was 9 flat. My son was next to rope and as he rode in the box they were having trouble getting the calf out. It took forever, all while my son is sitting there in the box all pumped up and me in the chute ready to push. The whole time I'm thinking, "great", this is going to make him so nervous he's going to mess up. He went out and tied his calf in 8.5 to win the rodeo. After the rodeo I told him I figured he was getting nervous. He quickly informed me it was just as he had envisioned it. He said it couldn't have happened any better than he had dreamed it could. He told me that Tuff or Shane was supposed to tie one fast right before him. He said just like his dreams AC/DC came on the speaker as he was sitting in the box. It wasn't his AC/DC song but it was close enough to pump him up and he said there was no doubt in his mind what he was about to go do. Just like Cody Ohl and Kid Rock, Carson and AC/DC was the perfect mixture that day.

I hope the Pro Boys know the influence they have over our kids. From roping the dummy in the 10th round to how they treat the guy untying the calf during the rodeo they dictate the attitude of tomorrows champions. Regardless of your event you want to be just like the pros and in the sport of rodeo that means our PRCA World Champions. The PRCA sets the bar that each contestant, stock contractor,committee and sponsor aspires to be.

What about this new ERA? Is the Elite Rodeo Assn the new Pro Boys? I don't have a problem with the big guns being able to make a living and not having to wear out three trucks and four horses each year in the process. I just hope they don't forget how they got there. Rodeo has always been a little different thnt other major sports. We have always been a sport of the people. That is how the big boys became big boys, because they went to the county fairs and the fans could walk up and talk to them before, during and after the rodeo. Try getting close enough to one of them at the Houston or San Antonio rodeo. I know they have the "autograph" sessions but that is more like a cow worming contest. Put the fans in the chute and run them past the guy with the wormer as fast as you can and see if he can get a little on her back or in her mouth as she runs by. If you spill a little it's no big deal because the big boss is paying for the big $500 jugg anyway and he isn't anywhere around watching.

I like being able to drive 10 miles to town and sit in the stands 20 feet from the roping box and watch them rope.

Just like a pro boy that has forgotten he is an influence on little kids the PRCA has forgotten they are the industry leader for rodeo. The big boys wouldn't be starting their own deal if the PRCA would listen to them a little. Pushing new rules down their throat and not allowing equal money in each event is just another reason for the big boys to have their own deal.

How many fans would they lose if Cody didn't back in the box to Kid Rock? How many high school boys will start dreaming of AC/DC at the American or the new ERA Finals instead of the NFR and Vegas.


Big Al



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