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Our Christmas break for lack of a better word pretty much stunk! We had plans on roping each day and maybe even getting closer to finishing two young horses we had ready to roll. In reality we got to saddle horses maybe three days out of the two weeks and those were anything but ideal days to rope. We pretty much got cabin fever from sitting inside doing office work. You can only watch J.W. Coop so many times on the Western Channel. When the new year rolled around we decided we had had enough and after a full belly of ham and black-eyed-peas, we spent the afternoon driving to Waco for the Texas Circuit Finals.
My son is a pretty quiet person. He has been known to never speak. We were sitting in the bleachers watching the rodeo when all of a sudden he said that since they have all of these shows Housewives of Beverly Hills, Basketball Wives and such that maybe they should start a new show called Rodeo Wives. The reason he said this is because despite the fact that it was a Thursday night, there might have been 1,000 people in the seats at max and the weather outside was miserable at best, each of the obvious "rodeo wives" we saw walking past us in the stands obviously had this night confused with the 10th go at the NFR.

It is afterall Texas and things here are bigger than anywhere else in the world. Big hair, big shoes, big pants, big furry coats, big hanging scarves. We could have all saved the plane ticket to the Denver Market this month and just watched the models walk past in the stands.

The Real Housewives franchise has done really well with a show for most of the fancy towns in America. Beverly Hills, Orange County, New York and Atlanta. So how should we break it up for the Real Housewives of Rodeo? Should we do one show on calf ropers wives and maybe another on team roper wives. You could probably group all of the rough stock wives into one show by itself, not that I don't think they dress as nice as the timed event wives. The shows on tv have lots of catty comments and back stabbing in each episode. Do you think the Real Housewives Of Calf Ropers filmed on location at Rodeo Houston would be as drama filled as the Real Housewives of Orange County?

You know they also have that show Real Husbands of Hollywood. What do you think about a show that features the Real Husbands Of Barrel Racers? They've already had the show on barrel racers, Rodeo Girls, so now the husbands get their chance to shine.

I'm thinking once we get this thing rolling there is no limit to where we can take it. I'm thinking down the road we could pull off a Real Youth Rodeo Moms where they have to back a 5 horse trailer with a 22' shortwall thru a set of cones and roll up a set of polo wraps while filming on an I-Pad before sprinting to the bleachers with a propane tank heater. Not the little deer stand heater but the big 7 gallon-two burner one. Oh yeah and while they are sprinting they have to eyeball the 4th pole and the second barrel at the same time.

Season four will bring about the best show of them all - Real Girlfriends Of Team Ropers. I'll let you use your own imagination on how that show plays out. The contestants are each given a team roper, their mom's credit card and a new truck. The first one to the finish line with all three still in working order wins the use of a bull rider for the next 12 months.

On tv the ladies are always going out in limos for the night. On my shows, they will all fit into a crew cab dually with a Capri on the back to go to the bar after the rodeo each night. On tv the ladies are always jetting off to some Mexican resort for the weekend. On my show the ladies will all jump in the truck and go to Pecos for the 7am morning slack and then pull out at noon for the drive back to Teague then back to Stamford for the next night. Oh, and they have to pick up their boyfriends buddy on the way to Wimberley the same day.

None of these shows can be any worse than Rodeo Girls or Highway Cowboys. I'm thinking an Emmy is in sight.

Looking for a disguise,

Big Al



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